With the rapid development of computer hardware and software, the art and culture become more important to society. Information technology is based on interactive digital media. It is consist of real-time computer animation, game production, and the applications development in education, military, medical field more widely. But it is a new area by using the real-time technology in the traditional arts. How to combine science and arts is a challenge and need to be solved. People use non-interactive computer animation as the background, light, music and other elements on stage performance. This tech has been used in some professional performance group, which also created the “fake” interaction effects with these techniques. Actors can have more performance and audience can have more imagination from the stage performance.

The Chinese people are enthusiastic consumers of all forms of media and entertainment. Thus, China has the second largest film market in the world and newly emerging as one of the largest Internet consumer market — with about one half of its population online. China’s total media and entertainment revenue has grossed at approximately US$59.4 billion in 2010. In 2015, this value expects to increase to an estimated value of US$137.9 billion.


mDreams Pictures. Inc, is a company specializing in the new mass media, new technology, and  film production. Its academic subdivision, mDreams Stage, makes the research-creation ISS systems to support interactive multimodal installations and productions with collaboration with District 3 and Concordia University. It stared off as a New HCI in theatre and interactive documentaries. ISS is a Kinect-based audio-visual framework for multimodal (gestures, voice, etc.) installations for performance arts, interactive documentary films, games, and the like. mDreams Pictures. Inc improve AR technology in order to use in mobile application and glasses. Company have a long term strategy in enlarge core team, improve technologies, and bring more social and financial values.

mDream Pictures Core Team

Dr. Miao Song – CEO & Co-founder

Dr. Miao Song is the co-founder of mDreams Pictures. Inc. She also works in Concordia University as professor of Computer science and Art. She has full of experience in teaching animation, programming, interactive design, and virtual reality. By putting traditional art into the latest technology, Dr. Miao Song have cooperated with other universities: McGill University, Carnegie Cameroon University, University of Texas USA, Beijing Normal University, the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing film Academy and so on.

Serguei Mokhov – CTO

Serguei A. Mokhov is CTO and co-founder in mDreams Picture. Inc. He also works in Concordia University as Affiliate Assistant Professor, CSE and CIISE. He is working on follow-up research from doctoral studies, collaborating with other Faculty members on a new program (Diploma in Entertainment Technology) development and Co-applicant for Team Startup Grant with S.P. Mudur, M. Song, and J.-C. Bustros. Currently Dr. Serguei focus on computer graphics, interactive, digital media and digital theatrical stage performances, interactive documentaries, cinematic 3D action, network programming, virtual research and others.

Current Project


A charming mini-documentary about Timmy, a shy four-year-old Montreal boy, whose life begins to change when his family enrolls him in dance classes. The film was made by Timmy’s 13-year-old sister, Deschanel Li, who clearly loves documentary filmmaking almost as much as she adores her little brother.


    To me, the memories of the five year divorce in Montreal are more like "bloody" fragments and I would be very afraidto look at them. It was so amazing to hear the memories my daughter collected andit was very touching to know how much she has been carrying.

      Augmented Reality Interactive Documentary

      Augmented Reality Interactive Documentary, and interdisciplinary project to investigate augmented and virtual reality techniques applied to the interactive documentary film for museum installation and mobile based application. The ultimate goal is to have the proposed system ready for Montreal’s 375th anniversary in 2017 to enhance a museum exhibition on the history of Montreal and to have an inter-networked set “active places” for mobile apps and interactive installations around Old Port Montreal.

        Haptic Jellyfish

        Using a new piece of interactive technology called the Novint Falcon, control Jellyfish as they swim through the ocean. Feel the push and pull of ocean tides as you guide the jellyfish, through the special force feedback of the Novint Falcon.

        Illimitable Space System

        Illimitable Space System(ISS) is invited by Dr. Miao Song in Concordia University in Canada, and her professional tech team improve the following version of ISS. The Illimitable Space System (ISS) as a configurable artist’s toolbox in terms of artistic performance (such as dance or theatre production), music visualization, and interactive documentary controlled with gestures and voice. ISS also has the functionalities of interactive projection mapping, voice recognition, realtime audio/video effects through gesture and motion controls in order to achieve the mixed reality and immersive visual effects.

        We are working on flexible and configurable multi-modal interactive Illimitable Space System platform versions ISS, ISSv2, and ISSv3 that serve different platforms and computing environments where our technical and VFX teams develop design and develop modules and plugins for events, on-stage deployment, installations, and the like.

        ISS - Illimitable Space System

        Augmented Reality

        Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements areaugmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. AR can be used in multiple ways, like medical, army, industry, mass media, city rebuilt, and entertainment. To enable rapid development of Augmented Reality Application, some software development kits (SDK) have emerged. A few SDK such as CloudRidAR  leverage cloud computing for performance improvement. Some of the well known AR SDKs are offered by Vuforia,] Mobinett AR, Wikitude, Blippar and Layar.

        Currently AR technology have been widely used in North America, but no too much in China. Therefore, company would like to introduce this technology to China market. We are focus on AR application and meta glasses. AR application will be used in entertainment industry in 2017, and the tested application have already used in Concordia University. There are three types wearing glasses with AR technology, which bring audience an amazing show in front of their eyes.

        Game and Film Making

        mDreams Picture has professional team to work on game and film making, and they made remarkable progress in both industry. The director lead her team working on changing video game into a real movie. Meanwhile, Dr. Miao Song is awarding film producer in documentary.

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